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May 17, 2006
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First and foremost, I should warn you that this is over a megabyte in size, so I apologise if it loads slowly. Argh, I'm so glad it's finished. I spent a week on this. A week of toiling and swearing at the computer. You'd think there'd be more to show for all the work I put in, but ah well. I'm still not overly happy with certain parts of it, but I'll be damned if I'm working more on this. There's a bit near the end that was stupidly difficult to get to work. There's an extra scene that happens if you find something, but if you don't it doesn't happen. 'X happens if Y happens, but Y doesn't happen if X hasn't happened' is something we RPGMaker users like to call a conditional branch. I wish conditional branches were easier to do in flash, but it was a bloody chore.

So it's an interactive flash game, first person point-and-click text and graphic adventure type thing. It's based on DarkSoul Kingdom, so if you're not familiar with it, some things may be lost on you. Ah well. For those of you who are familiar, I've laid some subtle hints at stuff to come in Series V, but honestly, you won't know they're hints. ^^; You'd have to know Series V to understand. ^^; The object of the game really is to survive all the way to the end. My advice to you is to examine everything you can. All the answers to the puzzles can be found within the game. Also, be careful when making choices, as they can result in death. ^_^ I've tested it thoroughly, but if there are still any problems, let me know.

Oh my god, I've written a novel here. ^^;
Nearly everything © me. No stealie.
Sound effects borrowed from RPGMaker. They don't mind, really. Royalty free. :D
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